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The Escape of the Rubber Sod no. 3

Rubber-sod no. 3 and another creature are prisoned in the Avalon Residence by Lady Mercedes. Because of the hot weather the rubber-sod is sweating. To prevent the sod from dehydration, she is filled with piss, what makes the sod just grunt in compleasency. In the big hall the creature is fixed in a rubber sac and pulled up to the celing. The sod is in a exigency - he is been hauled in one or the other direction.... On his way to his hole the rubber-sod flees and jumps into the Havel. Lady Mercedes is appalled, the sod is swims away. But there are not much possibilities -- the sod doesn´t know the terrain......

Format: Video (mp4) - Length: 26 min | Release Date: 2006-12-10 | Images: 98