A big mess with a rubber doll

Tight rubber, narrowed down with a corset, that nice mask with the face of a doll, the strap-on titties and seven-and-a-half inch high heels, and he is a different creature. He has to follow his Mistress and is told how to move. She has the total control, which makes him sweat.But that is not enough for her. She ties him on a rack and sits down on his chest. From that point of view she sees everything -- every breath is controlled. It is simply humiliating for him and he sweats even more.He is thirsty and asks for something to drink -- but he doesn´t get a glass. He drinks but drinks from the source. And as generous as Miss Diana is, she gives him a gulp in his rubber suit -- what a big mess! 

HD Video | Format: Video (mp4) - Length: 57 min |  Release Date: 2008-10-24